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Language: English

Subject Na

Clade: NA

May I have the expiration date: May 24, 2018

Type: Action / Drama

During the race, and Prizes

Dispenser Mega Game Distribution BV

Throw: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Patrick Kilpatrick

Director: Patrick Pasha

Make: 2D

T’Challa is a king in the country, and it has until the throne of Africa only in technology the nation’s wicked, and he sticks in the mtotoaliyeathirikaT’Challa that he is a guest of his father, the law ofretribution was.Captain America after the conclusion of the Second Government Civil, T’halla his house and his reports to the regional African advanced technology serving as the new country. But he immediately noticed that T’Challa parties were in the comfort of their homes. Because he is willing to destroy the enemies of the hero who has destroyed so much with two, it is known that a panther black and agency, C. Everett Ross and the members of the new Dora Ve are required to join to add, in a special copiasWakandanito go to the eviction Wakandakutoka the world wars as well.

Giraffe follows Chall Swartwat following the events of Captain America: in the Civil War, after a nation that returned to Africa after returning to its own technology, it became king in its place. But the mistake that a panther he is tempted when he comes in to threaten the enemy of the king, it becomes old radar for the future Chall Niger exposed to the country of sum of the whole worldat risk.

Black Water 2018

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