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The Dog Island is the story of Atari Kobaiashi, 12-year-old colony of corruption Kobaiashi Mayor. While, at the executive branch’s command, all dogs from the Megasaki animal city are sent to a large garbage called Tupio Island at the very own Atari in the miniature junior turbosmigłovcu and flying over the watches for their protective dogs, areas. There, with the help of new discoveries of the mule, the epic journey begins to decide on the future and the future of the region.

Isle of the Megasaki City of Atari Kobaiashi12-year-old lives, suffers from fever, which has caused Mayor that all dogs cause a large trash called Trash Island. She wants to get her beloved pet, Atari coming to the river in the miniature version of the Junior-Turbo Program. There, she begins her epic trip and follows the package of new friends who recognized hate.

English language

Theme: No.

Note: NO

Date of publication: 31 May 2011

Type: Animation / Comedy

Time: not available

Distributor: 20 Century Fok

TradersBrian Cranston, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Kunichi Nomura

Director: Ves Anderson

Do: 2D

Built in Japan, Isle of Dogs is following the kids facing in search of a lost dog. Pigs spread in Megasaki, Japan, and Mayor Kobaiashi have asked all dogs to send to the Trash Island. The island called Atari boy looking for his lost dog, place, with the help of others will see many obstacles on the road.

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