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The sports event deserves Bayad will appear in cinemas on January 20, as the Bolshoi Ballet Moscow. Temple dancer, Nikiya actual warriors and bright, woke up hot to the deep in love with the passion and murderous intrigue and daughter, Raja Gamzatti to find the forbidden love Nikiya day. La Bayad’s greatest works in the history of classical ballet school – the story of love, death and court basketball held in India. White and candoremponetque costumes and sets,Most of the posts, ballet dancer Nikiyasie Temple Shadow show the sad, condemned to a strong and brighter ultimate redemption.

Bolshoi is exhibited on a person qualified in the Bournonville Johan Kobborga, La Sylphide is the best romantic overloaded. Bolshoi ballet La Sylphide was caught live on a Moscow screen in theaters on November 11th. On the day of his wedding, the young Scot Jamesexcitavit kissing ethereal skrzydlategostworzenie, Sylphis.delectatus attracted by the charm of the place, James, to the love of all dangers can follow from him. La Sylphide is the oldest in the world and winning dance Danish ballet master August Bournonvillesa game.

Bolshoi: La Bayadere 2019

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