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The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a continuation of the legendary GTA 3. This time we drove from Liberty Citi to Vice City, a site that was clearly inspired by Miami in 1980. For fans of other title icons that include GTA Saga, like GTA San Andreas, this is classical;

Stole car, capture and shoot,and most importantly, to get the best from the big, creepy-fantastic city in front of you; The action of this game is also available for iPhone and Mac.

(() Function {(‘View-App-Side Table’);}); TommyVercetti and the American dream

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City follows the story of Vader, a former challenger in the familyForelli. The story begins when Tomi comes after 15 years of imprisonment and in the concrete jungle, on the rector, in search of a new life.

GTA City Representative allows you to experience through various challenging missions the best moments of Vercettis crime and his friends. All in all, you can do moreThey are played out of 60 major missions that are much more about the theft proposed by the franchisee.

With Vercetti you will steal, blackmail, shoot and deal with all the details of the most famous criminal businesses. If you’ve convinced several missions in GTA 3, you will see more bids in the City Council.

IfYou are a kind of player who likes to relax, you can enjoy the Grand Theft Auto: Citi Vice even more. Although the current regime tells the hatund the main mission, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy walking in the light of the trees and undertake other activities and secondary missions, such as taxi drivers or firefighters,shooting, action and even own business in the city.

Miami (or Citi Vice) as you’ve never seen before

Naib Citi was the perfect return to Miami during the 1980’s. When you play, you can not remember to remember Scarface Brian de Palmeda is thinking, like the 80s with Don Johnson, vice presidentMiami.

The city has four different villages that you can explore by car or walking when you experience the daily life and enjoyment of your inhabitants. Although graphics are outdated today (this game from 2002), they really contribute to the charm of the overall experience.

As for sound, GTAVice City is not old enough. The game has a voice that works from the first degree. Vercetti’s Rai Liotta (Goodfellas) and his fans were founded by famous actors like Dennis Hopper, Burt Reinolds and DanniTrejo.

Another point in GTA Vice Citis is a great soundtrack made up of songs fromIn 1986, and earlier, they were divided into genres: pop, rock, heavi metal, and everything they played on the radio during the 80’s.

Good classics

If GTA3 can be seen as the first 3D sandbox game, Naib Citi confirms that Rockstar is the king of the genre.

Yes, more than a decade has passed since releasing GTA and GTA 2, and progress onThe chart has disappeared. GTA: City representatives continue to play like dreams. His control, miscellaneous missions and street stories (somewhat undesirable in comparison with De Palma and Scorsese mafia movies) make this game a pleasure to the players.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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